Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Selected Figures by AnrakuAnsaku...

Red Drunk Boy (1/3)

Black Drunk Boy (1/5)

Yellow (Classic) Drunk Boy

Drunk Boy 2 (Creamy White)

Blue Dako

Yellow Dako

Pink Dako

Darth Vader Dako (with vinyl cape, not shown) (1/6)

Red/Gold Pa

Giant Venus Gorilla (Sakura Color)

Kinsei Gorilla

Toy Karma 2 Black Glitter Guerilla Punch (1/3)

Clear Blue Gogamezilla (1/10)

Clear Gogamezilla with light paint and guts

Black Hole Aurora Gogamezilla (1/1)

Rainbow paint clear Godzilla (Psychedelia version) with heart

Public Hazard Cadmium with drill tail

Public Hazard Methyl Black with blue paint and extra paw arm to replace drill arm (1/1)

Public Hazard Methyl (left); and Public Hazard Cobalt with drill arms

Dog and Bear (made by Anraku from old molds; painted by Anraku)

Toy Karma 2 Version Giant Mamaregon (1/3)

Giant Black Mamaregon with Kaiju Paint

Giant Mamaregon (part of set with Giant Cambodia, each with extra painted heads)

Giant Cambodia (part of set with Giant Mamaregon, each with extra painted heads)

Extra painted Giant Mamaregon head

Extra painted Giant Cambodia head

Toy Karma 2 Black Glitter Glutamin (1/3)

Kaiju Black Cambodia (left) (1/2) and Clear Blue Cambodia

Kaiju Black Cambodia (1/2)

Pink Cambodia with gold paint

Pink Nue

Clear Blue Mescalgon

Standard Mescalgon (Antick Plant)

Mescalgon Black with blue paint (1/1)

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  1. Splendid selection !
    the problem is that those splendid figures
    are nearly impossible to find !